Unit 2 - Energy & States of Matter Part 1

Instructional Goals



2.  Relate observations of diffusion to particle motion.

3.  Relate observations regarding the addition of energy to  particle motion.

4.  Explain, at the particle level, how a thermometer measures the temperature of the system.

5.  Explain the basis for the Celsisus temperature scale.

6.  State the basic tenets of Kinetic Molecular Therory(KMT) as they relate to gases

7.  Explain the cause of gas pressure.

8.  Predict the effect of changing P, V, or T on any other variables and explain (in terms of collisions of particles) why the change has the effect you predicted.

9.  Explain the basis for the Kelvin scale. Keep in mind that one must use the absolute temperature scale to solve gas problems.

10.  Use factors to calculate the new P, V, or T. Make a decision as to how the change affects the variable you are solving for.


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