Unit 4 - Describing Substances

Instructional Goals

1.  Distinguish between pure substances and mixtures

2.  Describe how one could use differences in characteristic properties to separate the components of a mixture.

3.  Sketch particle diagrams that distinguish compounds, elements, and mixtures.

4.  Distinguish elements from compounds in terms of differences in their properties.

5.  Cite the evidence that supports the belief that some pure substances are "compounded" of simpler particles in a definite ratio.

6.  Cite evidence for Avogadro's Hypothesis.  Use this with evidence from combining volumes to deduce the formulas of some compounds.

7.  State features fo Dalton's model of the atom. Use composition by mass data to account for the laws of definite and multiple proportions. 


Unit 4 Documents 

Unit 4 Key Terms

Unit 4 WS 1

Unit 4 WS 2

Dalton's Playhouse Lab Sheet

From Democritus to Dalton WS

Unit 4 WS 3

Unit 4 WS 4


Video: Ring of Truth Atoms Water Ratio

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Reading: Democritus to Dalton

Video: What are the Diatomic Elements?

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