Mr. Grimes was born and raised in rural Iowa. He graduated from Galva High School in 1978, and attended DMACC in 1978-1979. He enlisted in the 185th Air Group Iowa Air National Guard in 1979, and upon completion of his duty, enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1981. While in the USAF, Mr. Grimes was assigned to 49th Tactical Fighter Wing at Holloman AFB, NM. In 1983, he deployed to Clark AB, Republic of the Philippines, where he was assigned to the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing. During that time he went on numerous temporary duty assignments to Japan and South Korea. In 1986, Mr. Grimes returned stateside and was assigned to 412th Test Wing at Edwards AFB, CA. Because of his expertise with the F-15 aircraft he was assigned to the then secret Anti-Satellite (ASAT) test program. He was honorably discharged in 1988. 

Mr. Grimes returned to Iowa with his wife and two children and worked in the family business. During that time, he was a volunteer youth baseball coach for his community and was encouraged by many parents of players to become a teacher based on his love of working with youth, maintaining high expectations for players on and off the field, and his ability to communicate with his players and parents.  He took the advice and attended Buena Vista University 2002-2005 where he graduated with a BA General Science Education and was immediately signed as a science teacher by Storm Lake Community School District in 2006.

 As a veteran, Mr. Grimes feels it is important that all students understand the meaning behind the flag of the United States, and that showing respect for the flag is also showing respect for the men and women who have defended the United States, in times of war or peace.

In his free time, Mr. Grimes enjoys visiting his family in Des Moines and Anchorage, Alaska, bicycling, hiking, travel, and geocaching.  


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