Newton’s Second Law of Motion

A.  The net force on an object is equal to the product of its acceleration and its mass.

B.  Force = Mass x Acceleration (F = m a)

1.  SI unit for acceleration is meters per second per second (m/s2)

2.  SI unit for mass is the kilogram. (kg) 

3.  SI unit for force is measured in kg x m/s2

a.  This unit is called the newton (N).

4.  One newton equals the force required to accelerate one kg of mass 1 m/s2.

a.  1N = 1 kg X 1 m/s2

EXAMPLE:  What is the net force on a 1000-kg elevator accelerating at 2 m/s2

Equation:            F = ma

Plug in values       F = 1000 kg x 2 m/s2

Rearrange            F = (1000 x 2) (kg x m/s2)

Compute value        F = 2000 (kg x m/s2)

Compute unit         F = 2000 N