Uniform Circular Motion Online Lab

Syllabus Reading and Questionnaire

After the attack (last problem), the European hunters launched a rocket filled with weasels at the Beaver army.The rocket was launced at an angle of 53 degrees above the horizontal with an initial speed of 75 m/s. It moves for 25 s along its initial line of motion with an acceleration of 25 m/s/s.  At this time its engines fail and the rocket proceeds to move move as free body.  

1) Will it reach the beaver archers who are at +700 m height and 890m downrange? If not, where does it land?
At the Battle of Tularosa, a race of large-eared beavers had built many dams to protect their villages and lodges. As an army of great European hunters invaded the beaver territory, General Flattail Beaver devised a battle plan.  During the night, he placed his best beaver archers on a hilltop overlooking the camp where the Europeans slept for the night and launched a surprise attack.
The beaver archers have lined up on an elevated hilltop 700 m above the European camp. The general has determined that the angle of release must be 39 degrees above horizontal with a initial velocity of 68 m/s.  How far away from the archers is the center of the European camp?